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New Classic Manx

New Classic Manx

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  1. DIY New Classic Body Kit

    The New Classic Manx Body Kit is modeled from the Manx II, with a flat back package area. It is the Classic Manx you love come back to life, and available in all the gel coat colors Meyers Manx can offer. You can find some of those colors here.

    From: $2,400.00

    To: $8,097.99

  2. Meyers Manx Rolling Chassis

    Ready to roll - the Meyers Manx Rolling Chassis 

    Basically, fit your engine and body, and away you go! No need to get to dirty. You know when you're done that your Meyers Manx kit is built on the best Type 1 Floor pan out there and ready to go for years to come.

    ***Does not include motor or transmission***

    ***Customer must supply Rolling donor pan for build.***

    From: $6,795.00

    To: $7,395.00

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2 Item(s)