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Manxter 2+2

Manxter 2+2

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  1. Manxter Cage Covers

    These Cage Covers are designed specifically to fit the Manxter 2+2 and DualSport cages.

  2. Rear Bucket Seats

    Rear Bucket seats let more people join the fun!

  3. DIY Manxter 2+2 Kit

    The Manxter 2+2 is an elongated version of the Manx you love, with a few extra features that make it impossible to ignore.

    You can fin our gel coat colors

  4. DIY Manxter Bare Bones Kit

    Get the Bare Bones kit to get your build started!

    From: $5,945.00

    To: $6,815.00

  5. Meyers Manx Rolling Chassis

    Ready to roll - the Meyers Manx Rolling Chassis

    From: $6,795.00

    To: $9,545.00

  6. Meyers Manx Floor Pan - Chassis - BARE

    Ready to build Meyers Manx chassis

    From: $1,450.00

    To: $2,800.00

  7. Manxter Hardtop

    The Manxter 2+2 Hardtop is the best accessory for your next adventure.

    From: $715.00

    To: $858.00

  8. Nerf Rack (Long)

    Nerf Racks (Long) are designed to fit your four seat Manx! For extra storage or extra gas, these racks will help you be better prepared for your next off road adventure! Nerf racks are made of Mild Steel.

  9. Manxter Rear Bumper

    The Manxter-Style rear bumper is made to fit the Manxter 2+2 body and work around a Sidewinder Exhaust.
  10. Manxter Front Bumper

    This Front Bumper is made specifically for the Manxter 2+2, to help your kit look sleek and clean.
Set Descending Direction


Items 1 to 10 of 14 total

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