Pick your color to match your Manx!

Meyers Manx has created 100 Limited Edition surfboards. You can select your own number, 1-100, and have the board color matched to your dune buggy! We offer both solid and metal flake rail colors. These boards are created specially Fly Surfboard International in San Juan Capistrano.

These classic-style boards are 7′ x 2′ and hand-signed before they are glasses for a long-lasting, quality finish. You can even purchase the number of your choice. We give each board a registry number, so you can be sure you have an authentic Meyers Manx! These collectible boards can be put right on top of your car in the true spirit of our Southern California buggies.

Each board is $995 before shipping and handling, and made to order.

Hurry, there are only a few remaining numbers!