Designed for Jet-Age Hospitality,
Built for Adventure

February 23, 2024

In the heart of the 1960s and '70s, as the world embraced the travel possibilities brought forth by the jet age, a distinctive vehicle was born out of the sands and surf of California for exuberant travelers, many of whom were visiting tropical locales for the first time; the Meyers Manx Resorter.


The Inspiration Behind the Resorter: Baja Records, the Silver Screen, and an entrepreneurial hotelier with a focus on guest experience

The Meyers Manx was a revolution on wheels. After setting an internationally recognized speed record, and creating the sport of off-road racing in Baja, Bruce Meyers went on to expand his lineup and fill the massive demand for his eponymous cars. However, the Meyers Manx was meant for performance driving, and the high sides of the classic Meyers Manx complicated ingress and egress in the resort wear popular among travelers of the 60’s.

Bruce sold plenty of cars to those who owned resorts, but what these customers truly needed was a shuttle to move their guests throughout the sprawling paths their tropical properties contained.

Following the creation of a bespoke Manx for Steve McQueen at the height of the Dune Buggy craze, the Resorter emerged to meet the hospitality industry's unique demands, offering a delightful way to transport guests through a property, or to neighboring parcels. Meyers Manx built 70 of these cars, many of which became fleet operated in locales like Hawaii and Acapulco.


A Modern Reimagining of one of the initial 70 Resorters for the Bird Streets Club

Fast forward to today, and the Meyers Manx spirit is reborn through a meticulously customized Resorter for the Bird Streets Club in Los Angeles. This project marries the classic allure of a historic Resorter with a freshly prepared motor capable of cruising Sunset Blvd. This vehicle was used in period as a chase vehicle for a hot air balloon tour operator


Join the Adventure

As we continue to write new chapters in the Meyers Manx story, we invite you to be part of this legacy. Whether through the unique charm of a custom Resorter for your hospitality needs or the hands-on journey of building your own with our forthcoming kit, the adventure is just beginning. Please get in touch for upfit classic Resorters for your business, with an introductory price of $52,870.


* Note: Due to overwhelming demand, we may not be able to fulfill all inquiries.

Tribute To Our Heritage: The Resorter Remastered

Inspired by the enthusiastic reception of the Resorter NEV and the rich heritage of the original Resorter, Meyers Manx is now exploring the potential of a remastered Resorter Kit. This initiative opens the door for DIY enthusiasts to craft their bespoke people-hauler, blending the joy of manual creation with the timeless appeal of the Meyers Manx design. Meyers Manx’s remastering process ensures these vehicles are as close as possible to Bruce’s original vision, and uses precision tooling to make assembly easier for our assembly partners and DIY enthusiasts.


A Vision for the Future: The Resorter NEV


After feedback from the many remaining operators of our classic Resorter, we took into account the numerous suggestions they had for improvement of this classic platform and developed the Resorter NEV, which features many of the functional design optimizations requested by both Hoteliers and Families alike.