Soaring Through History with Meyers Manx:
Our Apparel at Warner Springs

April 25, 2024


At Meyers Manx, our spirit of adventure transcends the typical road trip, and this week we are taking to the skies to explore the silent, breathtaking heights that can only be captured in a glider. A fascination with soaring led us to Warner Springs Gliderport, a beacon for aviation enthusiasts and a site steeped in the golden era of glider flights that paralleled the rise of the Manx buggy in the 1960s and 70s. Many glider enthusiasts work on their own aircraft, and significant numbers of aviators built their own buggies some of which still remain in faithful service at Warner Springs.


During the era, just as Meyers Manx was carving out its niche on the beaches and dunes, gliding was experiencing its own renaissance. These were the days of freedom and innovation – times when pushing what was possible captured the imagination of adventurers everywhere.


Our recent adventure at the Glider port was a thrilling throwback to those times. With each thermal caught above Southern California’s diverse landscape, we were reminded of the freedom one feels behind the wheel of a Manx, where the only limit is how far you dare to go. Gliding is not merely being towed aloft and slowly floating back to earth – it's about engaging with the air in a dance of aerodynamics, much like navigating a Manx along the undulating contours of a rugged trail.


Skill, and an appreciation of your surrounding nature are the underlying traits of both buggy and glider pilots.

In celebration of this heritage of land and air adventures, we are excited to launch our new clothing collection. This line, featuring T-shirts, fleeces, and exquisitely woven jacquard sweaters crafted from high-quality wool, is designed for adventurers who draw inspiration from both the dirt and the sky.


Whether you are tuning up your Manx, tracing sandy shores, or riding thermals at Warner Springs, our gear is made to accompany every part of your journey.


Each item in this collection embodies the robust, enduring spirit of Meyers Manx: durable, comfortable, and in perfect harmony with your adventurous lifestyle. These pieces are for the builders, the explorers, and the dreamers—those who look at a map and see not just destinations, but possibilities.


Join us as we continue to honor the spirit of Meyers Manx, on both the ground and in the air. Wear a piece of the adventure, and let’s keep pushing the boundaries together, embracing the legacy that connects us to the pioneers of the past and the horizons yet to be discovered.

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