Be the first one on your block to have a dune buggy-turned-roadster! The Kick-Out SS can go anywhere a dune buggy can, and does it in style.

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Please Email or Send your Agreement to us Signed and with down payment:


Our Kick-Out SS Kit includes:

•Fiberglass Body, Hood, and Dash
•Steel Dash Frame
•Dual-hoop Safety Bar
•Assembled Windshield
•Body Support Bracketry & Fasteners
•6” Headlight Bulbs and Mounting Buckets
•Wiring Tube
•“Meyers Manx” Hood Emblem
•“Kick-Out S.S.” Rear Emblem
•Mounted Serial Number Plate
•Instruction Manual complete with pictures


Here is a Link For MetalFlake Color Chart-


This kit is made to order. Please allow 4-6 weeks for production. To purchase this kit, please fill out our Purchase Agreement and submit it to Please be aware there is a 3% processing fee applied to all payments inside the U.S. purchased with a credit card or Paypal transaction.




Finished Car Photos