This Meyers Manx original was designed to emulate the Classic Manx, with its short body and bubbly personality. Still sporty, lightweight, and easy to drive, the Kick-Out Traditional is a modern redefinition of a classic. This body emulates the little car that “jumped off the funny pages” as inventor Bruce Meyers so often says, touching a chord with us all. It truly is a Go-Anywhere buggy.


The kit has some exceptional improvements over the original design:

1. An opening hood that allows easy access to the wiring, gas tank, and extra storage; the extra front cargo space allows for a better weight distribution across the body.

2. An optional locking rear deck lid that dramatically expands the buggy’s enclosed cargo area

3. 2″ wider rear fenders, suitable for wider tires

4. Larger Engine Opening


Price Starts at $4865.00 and includes the following below. . Please look at the purchase agreement for all available options and pricing available.

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The Kick-Out Traditional Kit Includes:

•Fiberglass Body, Hood, and Cowl

•Mild Steel Dash Frame

•2 pc Fiberglass Dash Unit

•Mild Steel Safety Bar

•Assembled Windshield

•All Body Support Bracketry & Fasteners

•Wiring Tube

•7” Headlights

•Mounted “Meyers Manx” Front Emblem

•Mounted “Kick-Out” Rear Emblem

•Mounted Serial Number Plate

•Instruction Manual complete with pictures


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Meyers Manx requires a 50% minimum down payment for this kit. To purchase, please fill out our Purchase Agreement and submit it to Please be aware there is a  3% processing fee applied to all payments inside the U.S. purchased with a credit card or Paypal transaction.







Finished Kit Photos