The Manxter 2+2 offers something that shorter buggies don’t – convenience. You don’t have to shorten a standard VW chassis; you can build right on top of it, as is. The jump seats in the back allow you to pack your gear or your friends and spend the day wherever you want: at the beach, in the desert, or in the mountains. This is the Manxter 2+2, the dune buggy that is both a daily driver and a Go-Anywhere vehicle.


Price Starts at $8250.00 and includes the following below. Please look at the purchase agreement for all available options and pricing available.

Super Beetle chassis will NOT work for any of our kits.

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Our Manxter 2+2 Kit includes:

•Fiberglass Body

•Fiberglass Hood and Air Box

•Fiberglass Windshield Surround Assembled with Curved Glass

•Fiberglass Hardtop and Mounting Hardware

•Transmission Mount (Type I or Type II)

•Polished Steel Front and Rear Bumpers and Bracketry

•8-point Steel Top Cage

•Lights: Headlights, Taillights, Turn Signals, and Licence Plate Light

•Fasteners and Hardware

•Instruction manual complete with pictures

•1-year Manx Club Membership/Renewal

Here is a Link for MetalFlake Colors-

Meyers Manx requires a 50% minimum down payment on this kit purchase. To purchase, please fill out our Purchase Agreement and submit it to Please be aware there is a 3% processing fee applied to all payments inside the U.S. purchased with a credit card or Paypal transaction.


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