This is a buggy for the serious off-roader who wants to go anywhere, anytime without batting an eye at the rocks, boulders, streams, or sand in the way. With expanded area for longer suspension and extra bracing in the rear, the Manxter DualSport is more adaptable to off-road racing than any other kit. This body still has the features you love from our other models, with an opening hood, 8-point steel cage, and optional adjustable seats.


Price Starts at $8727.00 and includes the following below. . Please look at the purchase agreement for all available options and pricing available.

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The DualSport features the iconic style and rugged grace that is so characteristic of a Meyers Manx. This buggy can be your daily driver or your escape from reality – build it any way you want. Our DualSport includes:

•Fiberglass Body •Fiberglass Hood and Air Box

•Fiberglass Windshield Surround Assembled with Glass

•3-Piece Fiberglass Dash with Glove Box •8-Point Steel Cage

•Transmission Mount (Type I or Type II) •Polished Steel Front and Rear Bumpers

•Lights: Headlights, Taillights, Turn Signals, and License Plate Light

•Most Fasteners and Hardware •Manxter Instruction Manual

•Complimentary 1-year Manx Club Membership or Renewal


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Finished Kit Photos