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Have you ever wondered if your buggy is an authentic Meyers Manx? Now is the best time to find out. Not only is an authentic Manx cause for bragging rights, but it maintains its value better than  any other buggy. We have made the decision to give each of our buggies and surfboards a Registry number, so we can track each item’s individual history better and more easily.

Because of the time we spend authenticating buggies, we charge a non-refundable administration fee of $20 per authentication, whether it is established to be an authentic Meyers Manx or found to be a copy. This money can be paid by credit card or a check sent in with the application found below. We suggest calling in your credit card information: (760) 749-6321.

 Please Note: We ask that all electronic submissions be made in a .jpeg format. If your pictures are too small, large (PNG files or over 3 MG), or blurry (low resolution), we will not be able to   reach a determination about your body. Please do not send videos, powerpoint slides, or specially formatted photos, as we generally do not have specialized software available to view your photos.   All pictures should include a description or label. Any deviation from .jpeg formatting could led to delays in the authentication process so, out of courtesy to the many others waiting to have their   buggies authenticated, please try to adhere to the guidelines.

All mail submissions should be 5 x 7″ photographs, clearly labeled on the back of the photo. Please include a phone number in case we need to contact you regarding your submission.

 Pictures can be sent by E-mail: or by regular mail to:

 PO Box 1491
 Valley Center, CA 92082

 Please include a payment method with your pictures and application, as we collect the fee when we begin to consider your application. We will not begin to review you   application without a form of payment. Evaluations can take 2-3 weeks, though the time can be shorter if your car was previously registered with us, or your pictures are very clear. Please be sure to take well lit pictures and label what we’re looking at. Key words include: left, right, front, rear, etc. If you can’t tell what you’re looking at, we certainly can’t!

Serial number tags are only assigned to original Meyers Manx kit cars and surfboards at the time of purchase. Anyone selling a serial number tag on the internet is running a scam. The tag is not   valid without the original number it was stamped with and placed in our International Registry when it was sold.

If your buggy is determined to be an authentic Meyers Kit Car, your $20 authentication fee can be applied towards the $125 official Meyers Manx verification package. We offer free shipping anywhere in the continental US – otherwise, shipping charges do apply.

For a Meyers Manx, the packet will include a new set of plastic front & rear emblems, numbered certificate of verification signed by both Bruce and Winnie Meyers, and a corresponding metal verification registry tag. In consideration to those who have previously had their cars verified and are already in our registry, the same packet will be offered to them for $100.

For a Meyers Tow’d, the packet will include a new set of Tow’d Decals (front, left, and right), numbered certificate of verification signed by both Bruce and Winnie Meyers, and a corresponding metal verification registry tag.

The SR, Manxter, Kick-Out Traditional or SS, we only offer the numbered certificate and corresponding registry tag for $40.

 If you have questions regarding authentication, please direct them to:

If you suspect that you may have an authentic Meyers Manx™, or if you suspect you are an owner of any Meyers kit car, – original Meyers Manx, Meyers Tow’d, Manx S.R., Turista/Resorter or   any of the Manx Utility cars (Lifeguard, etc.), please include the following information in order to complete our registry file:

 1. Pictures of your car (at minimum)

  • Front – include the front emblem area.
  • Rear – include the license plate area.
  • Under the fenders  – Pictures of the reinforcing tubes. Label them front or rear, right or left and show how they end in the front & rear in relationship to the tub of the body, as well as one picture to show whether or not they are continuous.
  • The back package area – Molded Sumps, Battery Box Sump, and Spare Tire Sump.
  • Windshield and Dash Assembly

 2. The serial no. – If applicable

  • Meyers Manx – found on the vertical surface of the fiberglass just above the inspection plate on the tunnel.
  • Tow’d or SR – above the pedals and under the dash. The SR serial no. may be found in the door jamb.

 Please Note: We do not need your title or proof of registration. We are only looking at the body of your buggy to determine if it was made by B.F. Meyers & Co.; whether or not your car   is insured, it’s VIN, and the title have no bearing on our decision. The VIN on your chassis is different that the Serial Number that may be on the body. If you still have questions, please contact   our office using the contact information posted below.



 Contact Us:

 Meyers Manx Inc.
 PO Box 1491
 Valley Center, CA 92082

 Phone: 760-749-6321


If your Manx has a change of ownership, please let us know; a call or an email goes a long way toward helping us keep an accurate and complete registry. Our goal is to find all of the original 7,000 kits B.F. Meyers & Co. produced back in the late sixties and early seventies, and we need your help to do it!