Meyers Manx Remastered Classic Kit

The Meyers Manx Remastering Program arose as a blend of heritage, research, and innovation. Under the expert leadership of Freeman Thomas, our design team revisits and revitalizes legacy vehicles, embodying Bruce F. Meyers' original intent for the skilled home assembler. Employing 3D scanning and CNC technology, we have ensured every curve and line of Bruce’s iconic buggy is preserved, yet remastered for precision and authenticity.

This meticulous process has resulted in the Meyers Manx Remastered Classic Kit, a beloved buggy from the golden age of the 1960s, now reimagined for today's assembler. It combines the soul of the past with the ease of modern assembly, featuring a new locking rear trunk, removable dash assembly, and integrated wiring tubes for a seamless build experience. The Meyers Manx Remastered Classic Kit is infinitely customizable and a canvas for home builders, we build our own cars with everything from air-cooled Volkswagen to airplane motors! As seen by the thousands of Manx’s still on the road, our legendary fiberglass will create a vehicle hardy enough to be used for adventure across multiple generations.

Kit Contents:

  • Body
  • Hood
  • Dash
  • Dash Brace
  • Dash Mounting Hardware
  • Trunk Tub
  • Trunk Lid
  • Trunk Mounting Hardware

Note: Color appearance may vary based on your display. Total price starting at $6,850 may increase depending on color selection (i.e. solid gel-coat vs. metal flake gel-coat). Shipping not included. An email will be sent to you post-purchase from our support staff with additional information and updates on shipping timing/ charges for kit delivery.