Meyers Manx x VSSL Adventure Kit

The Meyers Manx x VSSL Adventure Kit is the result of our real-life experiences and the challenges we've faced on our own explorations. From the Baja 1000, where a battery failure resulted in us utilizing VSSL’s LED strobe to mark our location on the trail for safety, to the wilds of Nevada where Its brightly colored tape placed on aging tree trunks guided our way home, this kit has been a faithful companion. When you inevitably run out of zip ties making repairs on an arduous journey, we’ve even included a few spares so you have a reserve! The Firestarter can be used for everything from cold weather survival to (hopefully more frequent) campfire cooking
Encased in a Meyers Manx signature Bahama Yellow tube, complete with a custom rubber clamp for secure and vibration-free mounting on your buggy, this kit has everything you need: 
  • Antiseptic Wipes: Stay safe and clean on your adventures
  • Heavy-Duty Zip Ties: Quick fixes on the go
  • Reliable Compass: Find your way, no matter where the journey takes you
  • Sharp Razor Blades: Prepared for any situation
  • Sturdy Rope: Versatile for towing or securing gear
  • Bamboo Cloths: Multipurpose and eco-friendly
  • Colored Tape: Mark trails, make repairs, or patch a piece of waterproof luggage
  • Fire Starting Kit with Matches: Essential for warmth or cooking in the wild
  • Mini First Aid Kit: Compact yet comprehensive for your peace of mind
  • Mounting Strap: Easily mount the kit to your Meyers Manx for easy access
Just like Bruce Meyers, who never stopped dreaming and exploring, this kit is designed for adventure seekers and those who yearn for the freedom of the open road.