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Meyers Manx Factory Fuel Tank

When you are building a Meyers Manx Kick-Out, one of the issues you face is getting a fuel tank to fit. Due to the design in both the Traditional and SS models, it is necessary to modify the tanks from stock. As modifying Fuel Tanks is not for everyone, Meyers Manx offers a new option to suit you which is based on a heavy duty aftermarket Fuel Tank made by Wolfsburg West.

Once Meyers Manx has this awesome stock fuel tank, they do the following to it:

  1. Relocate the stock Fuel Filler to the top center of the tank
  2. Cut out and modify the lower drivers side corner to clear the headlight bucket recess on the Meyers Manx Kick-Out Series. Once done it is Tig Weld back together.
  3. Fit tank with new Tank outlet kit including screen and fittings
  4. Fit tank with new Wolfsburg West Filler Cap and cork seal and breather.

Once all modifications are done it is pressure test it to 3 PSI and ensure there are no leaks before cleaning it up and sealing it in Black Bed Liner to keep it ding and scratch free.

Tanks are shipped with Fuel Gauge block off in place. If you wish to fit a fuel gauge simple remove it and screw your sender in place.

These tank will also fit the Meyers Manx Manxter 2+2.

The stock filler cap is used as it was found to be the best quality spring loaded cap with cork seal. It has a nice positive locking feel and seals well.

Weight: 20 lbs
Dimensions: 31 x 17 x 13 inches