A New Chapter in Our Baja Legacy

April 4, 2024

In our 60th anniversary year, Meyers Manx is embarking on a different kind of Baja Journey; one that honors the individuals behind our heritage of performance and embraces the future of DIY Adventure through our Meyers Manx Remastering Program. While we will not be directly participating in NORRA with buggies prepared in our workshop, we will be sharing stories from a dedicated media unit sent to the peninsula to capture the many Manx drivers and teams, ensuring that the most thrilling moments, and the raw beauty of Baja is shared with our beloved community of Meyers Manx enthusiasts.


El Gusano, a DIY built Meyers Manx which competes annually in the NORRA 1000

The Meyers Manx community is making a strong showing at the NORRA 1000 this year, being led by Winnie Meyers, who has years of experience exploring the peninsula. It was a shared love of Baja California that brought Winnie and Bruce together, and we are excited to see the legendary natural sights of Mexico that were first reached on four wheels in a Meyers Manx!


Mid 60's on the Baja Peninsula.


Bruce and Winnie Meyers with Old Red, the first Meyers Manx.


Jim Chamberlain, seen at the finish of the 2022 NORRA Mexican 1000.

Further deepening our ties to the event is Jim Chamberlain, the original builder of the 1967 Baja 1000 winning #10 Meyers Manx, along with Bruce’s grandson, Jagger Meyers. Jim Chamberlain built a brand new Remastered Classic Kit alongside friend Lyman Scherer, who was awarded the kit at the NORRA Awards Ceremony in 2023. Their build pays tribute to Vic Wilson and Ted Mangels race winning vehicle, but utilizes a Remastered Kit as well as the various improvements for durability and drivability required by this grueling route. The pair of seasoned off-road racers has built a modern take on the 1967 champ, and we anticipate a thousand miles of smiles for Jim and Jagger.


Jim Chamberlain built Meyers Manx, winning the Baja 1000, 1967.


Ted Mangels with the 1967 Inaugural Baja 1000 Winning Meyers Manx


Upgraded with a Remastered Sidewinder Exhaust (Stainless Steel), this Remastered Classic Kit is upgraded to tackle Baja, in open air.


Meyers Manx's typically seen in racing classes will be joining us for the Safari Expedition in celebration of the brand's anniversary.

We’ve noticed a significant uptick in parts sales, and are excited to see teams utilizing the new Stainless Steel Remastered Sidewinder Exhaust (first built by Bruce Meyers and Jim Chamberlain) and Wide 5 Smoothies - Raw Steel Wheels for a competitive edge on the trails of Baja. Keep an eye on this blog, and our Instagram page, as we plan to update you throughout our time in Baja this year.